How to Play Dream11?


To play and enjoy DREAM11, you need to be 18 years of age (minimum) to create a DREAM11 account. A very simple on-screen process to start your account with a balance of Rs. 100 using a referral code. There are various leagues available from practice contests to cash winning contests. You can also create your own contest and share the contest code with your friends and colleagues and have fun.

Designate the role of Captain and Vice-Captain to any of the players that you think would perform above the rest. They would earn you 2x and 1.5x points respectively. Predict and Join your leagues before the Deadline.

Sit back, relax and watch the match in real. You can join leagues prior to lineups being declared and then make changes accordingly before the deadline.

Your chosen players would earn points for you based on their performance in the real match. Keep a track of your team’s scorecard and your winnings.

To win real cash you have to join paid contests.

Once you receive your winning, you can make an instant withdrawal into your registered bank account. You have a variety of leagues to play ranging from Grand leagues to Mini Grand leagues, Small leagues, Multi winner leagues, Head to Head winners, etc.

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What is Dream11 Prediction?

Before the match starts, you need to think from different angles. There is much logic behind predicting a perfect player.

  • Do a full analysis of injury.
  • Collect Playing 11 information
  • Eliminate the ineffective player names.
  • Analyze  the filtered players past 5 matches records.
  • Now you will have best-filtered players name list. From that 11 players keep very safe choice in captain option. Take a risk in vice-captain option.
  • Every one will dream11 to win grand leagues. If you are the one then take a 99% risk. Don’t see the loss. In the end, you will get a big amount.